Did you know?
  • A ton of recycled paper is equivalent to recycling a newspaper and two white sheets daily for one year.
  • A ton of recycled paper saves 20 trees, 3.800 kWh, 32.000L of water and prevents 27 kg of pollutants from being released into atmosphere.

So why we recycle paper?

  • To reduce deforestation, and this way there will be fewer: landslides, climate change, floods, habitat and biodiversity destruction and destruction of recreation areas;
  • To reduce the imports of wood
  • To reduce water consumption by up to 60%;
  • To reduce energy consumption by up to 40%;
  • To reduce air pollution by up to 70%;
  • To diminish pollution by up to 35%;
  • To decreases the amount of garbage deposited in landfills or incinerators.

Personal story: I lost 60kg of extra weight today :) - I mean by that recycling 60 kg of paper. ( For Bucharest you can use "Depozitul de maculatura".)