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April 2010 - Posts

The SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM is here and with it a lot of new resources.
  1. Test Drive
  2. Webcasts, Videos and events
  3. Blog posts
  4. Books
  5. Documentation
  6. Whitepapers
  7. E-Learning Clinics (thanks to Greg Low)
  8. Local Resources

At least the following downloads are available:
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM - Express
Microsoft SQL Server2008 R2 RTM - Express with Advanced Services
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM - Express with Management Tools
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM - Management Studio Express

In case you didn't know the SQL Server 2008 R2 Express Edition - expands the size limit of a user database to 10GB.

Also looking at the downloads related to SQL Server 2008 R2 it seems that also a trial is available for download.
Probably this is not the right question. What is certain is that twitter has become a valuable source of information. I had to add new words to my language, words like "to tweet" "tweetup" "twitterview". You have no idea what tweetup or twitterview means? Tweetup or tweet-up is defined by Macmillan Dictionary as [quote] a meeting of two or more people who know each other through the Twitter short messaging service [/quote]. Impressions from a SQL Server 2008 R2 tweetup can be found on SQL Server Team's FaceBook page and on The blog from the dkRanch - The Tweetup.
As for twitterview - I will assist at the first one (for me) in a few hours:
Donald Farmer ‘Twitterview’ with SQL Server Magazine
Attention SQL Server enthusiasts: mark your calendar for April 14, 9:30 AM PDT. SQL Server Magazine is hosting a ‘Twitterview’ with Donald Farmer, Principal Program Manager for SQL Server. This is your opportunity to ask Donald your burning BI questions. This is a continuation of SQL Server Magazine’s article by Shelia Molnar about Microsoft’s BI Strategy.
Not participated in a Twitterview before? It’s easy! Donald will answer your questions via the SQL Server Magazine Twitter account (@SQLServerMag) from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM PDT.

If you ever need help with SQL Server use the hashtag (a hash tag is simply a tag with the hash "#" symbol as prefix) #sqlhelp.

I will close by mentioning just a few of the channels I follow:
  • @MS_SQL_Server - The official SQL Server twitter
  • @billramo - Bill Ramos SQL Server expert on manageability and performance troubleshooting and fan of agile and UI development
  • @SQLServerMag - SQL Server Magazine is dedicated to helping DBAs, database developers, and BI professionals get the most out of SQL Server.
  • @SSRS - Blogs Posts and Connecting with the SQL Server Reporting Services Team
  • @buckwoody - Buck Woody - Database Guy
  • @mssqltips - MSSQLTips - Your source for daily SQL Server tips
  • @donalddotfarmer - Donald Farmer - Working @ Microsoft in Business Intelligence. Personal interests: philosophy, art, and indulgences starting with food and wine and ending who knows where?
  • @sqlpass - Professional Association for SQL Server. Connect, Share, Learn.
Come to the twitterview with Donald Farmer Yes

Published Update
Twitterview: Microsoft’s Donald Farmer on SQL Server 2008 R2 (the transcript)
SQL Server 2008 R2 Tweetup Video Montage

With SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM knocking at the door a list with R2 resources may come in handy.
So here you are:
  1. SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit (April 2010 Update)
    The SQL Server 2008 R2 Update for Developers Training Kit is ideal for developers who want to understand how to take advantage of the key improvements introduced in SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2 in their applications, as well as for developers who are new to SQL Server.
    It contains presentations (22), demos (29), hands-on labs (18), videos (35) as well as an utility to help configuring your computer for running the demos.
  2. E-Learning Clinics (thanks to Greg Low)
  3. Webcasts
  4. Whitepapers
  5. GITCA Fireside Chats
  6. PASS - The Professional Association for SQL Server
  7. Articles and blogs
  9. Local Resources
  10. Other resources
  11. Free ebook: Introducing Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2