Probably this is not the right question. What is certain is that twitter has become a valuable source of information. I had to add new words to my language, words like "to tweet" "tweetup" "twitterview". You have no idea what tweetup or twitterview means? Tweetup or tweet-up is defined by Macmillan Dictionary as [quote] a meeting of two or more people who know each other through the Twitter short messaging service [/quote]. Impressions from a SQL Server 2008 R2 tweetup can be found on SQL Server Team's FaceBook page and on The blog from the dkRanch - The Tweetup.
As for twitterview - I will assist at the first one (for me) in a few hours:
Donald Farmer ‘Twitterview’ with SQL Server Magazine
Attention SQL Server enthusiasts: mark your calendar for April 14, 9:30 AM PDT. SQL Server Magazine is hosting a ‘Twitterview’ with Donald Farmer, Principal Program Manager for SQL Server. This is your opportunity to ask Donald your burning BI questions. This is a continuation of SQL Server Magazine’s article by Shelia Molnar about Microsoft’s BI Strategy.
Not participated in a Twitterview before? It’s easy! Donald will answer your questions via the SQL Server Magazine Twitter account (@SQLServerMag) from 9:30 AM to 10:00 AM PDT.

If you ever need help with SQL Server use the hashtag (a hash tag is simply a tag with the hash "#" symbol as prefix) #sqlhelp.

I will close by mentioning just a few of the channels I follow:
  • @MS_SQL_Server - The official SQL Server twitter
  • @billramo - Bill Ramos SQL Server expert on manageability and performance troubleshooting and fan of agile and UI development
  • @SQLServerMag - SQL Server Magazine is dedicated to helping DBAs, database developers, and BI professionals get the most out of SQL Server.
  • @SSRS - Blogs Posts and Connecting with the SQL Server Reporting Services Team
  • @buckwoody - Buck Woody - Database Guy
  • @mssqltips - MSSQLTips - Your source for daily SQL Server tips
  • @donalddotfarmer - Donald Farmer - Working @ Microsoft in Business Intelligence. Personal interests: philosophy, art, and indulgences starting with food and wine and ending who knows where?
  • @sqlpass - Professional Association for SQL Server. Connect, Share, Learn.
Come to the twitterview with Donald Farmer Yes

Published Update
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