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July 2008 - Posts

Recently I had the pleasent surprised to be interviewed by OdinJobs.

I won't tell you more just read here:

Bucharest - Amsterdam - Seattle - Bellevue - Redmond - Bellevue - Seattle - Detroit - Amsterdam - Bucharest is just the short version.

The long version includes trips between various Microsoft buildings and the building where I delivered a SQL Server 2008 class.

Pictures follow:

Building 35



Bill Ramos


One surprise, my book was on the shelf of Bill Ramos.


SQL Server 2005 signature box


Boris Baryshnikov


Paul Mestemaker


Bogdan Crivat, Dana Cristofor, Myself, Nicolae Mogoreanu (Data Mining)


Bogdan Crivat, Dana Cristofor, Myself, Tatyana Yakusev


Building 35


Jerome Halmans


David Reed


Mr Resource Governor


David Lean


First Starbucks


My dog was waiting for me at home