"My outrageous claim [is this]: In 15-20 years from now: Information will stay only in XML (no more tuples, no more objects). Imperative languages as we know them today (Java, C, C++, C#) will be gone. We will program with some extension of XQuery, or in any case a declarative dataflow/workflow language specially designed for XML processing, SOA, and for enabling universal information flow. The sooner we go there the better!"

These are the words of Daniela Florescu, Architect at Oracle Corporation, words that intrigued me enough to try to talk to her (imagine a SQL Server freak talking with an Oracle architect). Funny thing is that my first email sent to Daniela had as subject "LINQ question". Of course I meant "XQuery question" but I was tired and I've just finished watching a LINQ webcast when I wrote that email.

Long story short, Daniela didn't mind too much my error :)

If you don't know her, she is the "cause" of XQuery's birth and she unquestionably has her place in the XML history.

I had the pleasure to spend a few hours with Daniela and I can tell you that she is a very kind, warm and intelligent person. Daniela agreed to meet our user group and also to give us a short interview. You can see the result bellow.

Windows Media Video archive: Download