One of the perks of being MVP is that you can use lots of commercial applications for free. Two of them come from Shell Tools: PowerShell Analyzer and PowerShell Plus. If you are into PowerShell then I recommend you to at least download the free version of PowerShell Pluss and give it a try. You will be impressed.

PowerShell Analyzer:

PowerShell Plus:

The differences between the two are listed in the next list:


 Feature  PowerShellAnalyzer 1.0  PowerShell+ Beta
 Debugging PowerShell Scripts P Y
 Rich UI-Console (truly native console with full intellisense-like UI) N Y
 Rich help system for cmdlets, aliases etc. Y N
 Graphical visualization of pipeline output Y N
 Code Snippets N Y
 Intellisense Y Y
 PowerShell Drives and Providers Explorer Y N
 PowerGUI-like Navigator Support and Dynamic Context Menus N Y
 Multiple Runspace (tabbed Runspaces) Y N
 Real-time Variable and Property Monitor N Y
 Editing with color syntax highlighting Y Y
 Support for XML-documents including XSD support N Y
Support for c# and VB.NET documents including compilation N Y
PowerTAB tabexpansion integrated N Y


  • Y - Full Support
  • N - No Support
  • P - Partial Support 

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