I guess you'll have another year to keep hearing the phrase at ROSQL meetings "Cristian Lefter, SQL Server MVP" :)

Good news for Romania, we have a "fresh" MVP - Andrei Iacob with the Client Application Development competency. You can read more about Andrei's first thoughts about being an MVP here: <2008 type=”MVP”>

What I expect from this year? A book (I am the one that is currently writting it), SQL Server 2008 RTM, a vacation and the usual wish of Miss World candidates "Peace on Earth" Cool

Correction, we have two new MVPs - add Victor Constantinescu to the group and we make a total of 16 Romanian MVPs:

  • Andrei Ungureanu - Directory Services (Perot, ITBoard.ro)
  • Grigore Dolghin - FoxPro (ProFox.ro)
  • Bogdan Tarla - VSTO (ProManagement)
  • Angela Dobrea - SQL Server (Intelprof)
  • Gicu Dobrea - Security (Intelprof)
  • Me Myself and I - SQL Server (SQLServer.ro)
  • Aurelian Popa - ASP.NET (winDigita, RONUA.ro)
  • Marius Bancila - VC++ (Siemens VDO, CodeGuru.com, CodExpert.ro)
  • Dragos Cojocari - VC++ (GEBS, CodeGuru.com, CodExpert.ro)
  • Ovidiu Cucu - VC++ (RomSoft, CodeGuru.com, CodExpert.ro)
  • Hilde Corbu - Project (Trilex)
  • Ciprian Jichici - Architecture (Genisoft)
  • Razvan Socol - SQL Server (sqlserver.ro)
  • Viorel Bejan - Visual C++ (MSDN, CodeGuru.com)