Sunday, today I will not open my comp. Oh yeah? Liar! My sister needed some help with a wirelless router so power on.

Then since I've just downloaded Camtasia Studio 5 I tried to see what I can do with it in 5 minutes. I tell you it's an amazing product. Here are the results and remember it took me just 5 minutes (you can say that because I pause sometimes when I don't know exactly what to say - For example instead of saying "Let's see" i said "Let's show" but, hey it's the first try. I bet than even Steven Spielberg made some mistakes in the beginning of his career).

Alternatively use the Windows Media Player control embeded in this post. Use double-click on the movie to see it in Full-Screen mode.

For downloading the movie use this link: Download.




Format: wmv
Duration: 00:04:12