Disclaimer: This is a personal blog post therefore you may skip it.


To use George Michael words: "It was the third of September / That day I'll always remember, yes I will / 'cause that was the day that my daddy died"

For me it wasn't third of September but thirteen August and not my father the one that died but my mother. As my mother always said to me that I am a funny guy (or more exactly in Romanian "caraghios") I would do my best to keep this post far from tears.

The story

The year 2007 was for me a very ugly year. Butt ugly! Following the SQL Server 2008 evolution, one of my aunts relocated (read died) soon after CTP1. Then my grandmother relocated between CTP3 and CTP4. Finally between CTP4 and CTP5 my mother decided to join the "Heaven" LinkedIn group. After CTP5, SQL Server 2008 was pretty stable and my family events stopped.

As my grandfather has a book (written by me) dedicated the next logical step for me was to dedicate a book to my mother and voilà:

Now probably I have to dedicate a book to my brother, grandmother, two aunts and so on. But I will take a break for the moment [:)]

Instead of a conclusion

I will close this post by embedding my mother's favorite song: