Over the years from IT events or from various other sources I gather a lot of caps. Yesterday at a user group meeting I received a new one. The following 4 caps marks various stages of my involvement in IT:

  1. First one (from left to right) demonstrates that I'm a member of ITBoard (I'm also one of the founders). Good job Lore, I like this cap.
  2. The second one I received it when the MCSA certification was launched.
  3. Culminis - I was a council member for Culminis EMEA.
  4. Microsoft BI - this cap I got from my MVP lead when I became SQL Server MVP back in 2005.

Since the ITBoard cap is the last one here are two more photos with it:


And the bit of SQL. Returning from the meeting with Remus Rusanu, we talked about the Transparent Data Encryption feature of SQL Server 2008. There is a chance that some people will understand this feature as an Enterprise feature and this is not the case. The best scenario for TDE is the stolen laptop having confidential information stored on a local database. Do not imagine a scalable database running on a production server with TDE on top.

Read more about TDE on this sources:

Finishing with TDE, Service Broker was next. "Have you surfed today? Then there are big chances that some of your requests were managed by Service Broker..." Never thought of that!